poetic, personal and autobiographical fragments

So –
I have not used my own website for a long time and I have many reasons for this – none of them are more relevant than my small attempt to use it now to bundle a few loose ends.
My work is not represented well online – not only do I like that – I also accept this as a playful twist of my reality. There are unconnected fragments floating around, poetic, personal, and autobiographical ones, some are intended, most of them are there for random reasons. On the other hand: I really do not like the idea of packaging “relevant” information about me and my work in a promotional format, a representative shape, a selling cross-section. Such an effort would not only fail to demonstrate and show well who I am and what I do, it would also reduce the freedom to float and change any possible moment.
However, I know, sometimes others want to see “what I am doing”, so I throw out some breadcrumbs, besides the ones that this website already contains. I do have quite strong ideas and opinions that I enjoy expressing and promoting – at the same time I am open to the streams of life and what the wash over, through and around me. So as of today and just – once again – caused by uncontrolled circumstances a few more links to wonder along:

I run a gallery and I see it also as an art project in which
I collaborate with other artists – through the role of the gallerist:
I organize a festival and symposium – in which I try to create
a dynamic environment to exchange and discuss art and moving images:
Some work of mine is spread out on distribution-platforms,
but I don’t do much of that anymore lately …
Someone put one of my presentations online – that was from 2015 …
This was nice, in Zagreb, Croatia:
This is an unlisted piece on youtube:
This too, but they are really just randomly accumulated …
Ok, here my university in Austria:

I guess you can get an idea ….  Cheers on May 5, 2018