I do not have a portfolio and I don’t want to create one,
but to represent some aspects of my work I can provide a few links to
stuff that is still floating around online …

This is an unlisted piece on youtube:
This too, but they are really just randomly accumulated …
This was nice, in Zagreb, Croatia:

Two exhibitions at the MQ Vienna

Some work of mine is spread out on distribution-platforms,
but I don’t do much of that anymore lately …

Someone put one of my presentations online – that was from 2015 …

Some older events are listed here, but not updated for a long time.

I organize a festival and symposium – in which I try to create
a dynamic environment to exchange and discuss art and moving images:

I run a gallery and I see it also as an art project in which
I collaborate with other artists – through the role of the gallerist:

Ok, here my university in Austria:

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