BREATHING STAR was part of the international light-art festival "Skopje Light Art District", from 06.09.-11.09.2021, dimension approx. 16x18 meters.​​​​​​​
Right above the center of the labyrinth in the City Park in Skopje raises BREATHING STAR, a dynamic light, sound and space-installation. The size of the structure consisting of about 400 strings is 16 x 18 meter and 5 meter high. Together with a sophisticated light-choreography and a surround sound designed for the unique spatial situation the artwork changes its appearance, creating an oscillating, pulsating, vivid atmosphere. It is highly recommended to enter the structure. There is a walkthrough to experience the artwork from the inside. Beyond the experience of the artwork itself we want to draw the attention of the viewers to the night sky above. Breathing STAR becomes a window on the universe.