Video Light Installation / Intervention 
@ UndarkFestival - Ne Temno #8, 21.-22.12.2019, Yekaterinburg, Russia
2 channel video projections (animation film, projection mapping)
2 channel sound scape (local recordings with poetic text)
This building, or what is remaining of it, with its steel grid is reminding of the architectural period of Constructivism, which still has a presence in Yekaterinburg. When considering this viewing platform the „Wolkenbügel“ from 1925, El Lissitzkys so-called Cloud Irons, comes to mind. For Holger Lang and Martina Tritthart this edifice can work as a silent observer of the history, of the arts, and of the city, collecting and condensing the hopes and dreams of the people. In the project of Mutual Loop this building will turn into „Sky Lights“, simultaneously functioning as a beacon, as a horizontal lighthouse, and a spatial movie. The structure of the building becomes the structure of the film. White light turns into colors and vice versa, framed in a temporal and varying loop. The inside irradiates to the outside and the concrete turns abstract.