mutual loop is an artists cooperation that consists of Martina Tritthart and Holger Lang
Originally established as a non-profit association in 1999 it aims to produce and implement, to provide support and promotion artistic and cultural projects and initiatives. It was founded by Martina Tritthart, Alexandra Brandl and Jakob Scheid. Since 2018 Holger Lang is an active member and since 2019 together with Martina Tritthart on the board. A strong focus has been on the creation and presentation of media-based art and temporary, site-specific cultural projects. International outreach and the organization of workshops are more recent operations. The “mutual loop artist cooperation” supports the exchange of artists, organises screenings, talks and exhibitions of any art form with a strong interdisciplinary approach. It is developing concepts in research, dialogue and experimentation focusing on media art in cooperation with other institutions and private persons.  Financial processing and handling had often been implemented through these partners while operating under the guidance and leadership of mutual loop. Curatorial work and networking activities are at the centre of all project-related activities. 
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s[a]it{life} - 2023