Collaborated and curated exhibition from 08.11.-15.11.2024, for Vienna Art Week, Austria, paintings by Sibylle Gieselmann, tattoos by Irina Georgieva
Mutual Loop was a once again partner of the Vienna Art Week with the project OUT/IN/NO/YES. The sensuality and controversial interpretable effect of colors, sounds, images and objects is taken up and staged in the exhibition curated by mutual loop (Martina Tritthart & Holger Lang) in the former "red light district" near the Vienna Prater. In the field of tension between saleability and unsaleability, works are presented that are influenced by the surrounding urban environment and incorporate it in a playful way. In particular, the urge and (almost) compulsion to commercialize in the artistic devotion to works that are originally dedicated to the expression of inner currents and needs is thematically addressed and discussed. As part of the exhibition, Irina Georgieva tattoos stylized copies of erotically legible art on request. Sibylle Gieselmann reflects on the effect of the muscular male body and the taboos associated with it. Martina Tritthart responds with a film showing her own naked body 25 years ago and overwrites it and the surrounding space with a light installation. Holger Lang stages the concept of the body and its vulnerability in a video.
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