VORTEX I was a light installation @ Vienna Art Week 2021, 12.-19.11.2021, Vienna, Austria, dimension approx. 5x15 meters.​​​​​​​
VORTEX is a tunnel of vibrating lines within an industrial space that can evoke dynamic work processes and the belief in progress that is often manifested in them, but at the same time with a chaotic weave of lines, it can also call them into question. The path along the ribbons leads into the unknown and undiscovered. The whole picture will never be fully visible, an uncertainty in space always remains. The light, which is itself invisible, travels along the rays, which themselves are not luminous.  We used 2 kilometres of rubber bands for this multimedia installation including light and sound. VORTEX was part of the exhibition HOUSE OF LOSING CONTROL at the Vienna Art Week in November 2021.
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